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Candidates on the Tier 2 visa are able to do a change of employment whilst living in the United Kingdom; however, it is important to bear in mind that the process of gaining a Certificate of Sponsorship must be repeated and the candidate will need to be reassessed against the Points Based System.


The length of this permit to work within the United Kingdom can be granted for a period anywhere from one day to five years, this is dependent on the time the sponsoring company request.

The length of time which is finally granted is down to the discretion of the Home Office.

Work permits and change of employment applications are seen as temporary visa services, however, if a candidate has been continuously living in the UK for over five years, it may be possible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) also referred to as permanent residency. After obtaining ILR, it may be possible to apply for UK citizenship by applying for British Naturalization.

Eligibility Criteria

Whatever the position the applicant intends to change, they must meet the NVQ level 3 or above. An applicant interested in applying for a work permit in the UK must fulfill the following criteria:

  •  A relevant degree.
  •  A non-relevant degree and 1 year of experience.
  •  An HND level qualification, which is relevant to the offered position.
  •  An HND level qualification, which is not relevant to the post on offer plus 1 year of relevant full-time work experience at NVQ level 3 and above.

Shortage Occupations

Employers who need to fill a position within their company which is included on the shortage occupation list in the UK, will not need to advertise the position before sponsoring the candidate.

The reason for this is because the particular occupation would be regarded as too difficult to fill from within the United Kingdom and EU workforce.

In situations where a position may be on the non-shortage list of occupation, then the company offering the position must prove that they have in fact advertised the position for a minimum of 28 days in a trade journal, a national broadsheet newspaper, or even a relevant website for the UK and EU workforce.

Multiple Entry Permits

Multiple entry permits are not eligible under the Change of employment rules, for this a brand new application would need to be submitted.

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