Welcome to ICS Legal – Premier Legal Support for UK Immigration. At ICS Legal, we solely deal with UK Immigration Law, British Nationality and European Law. We can also provide limited Asylum support.

At ICS Legal, time spent within the immigration industry is what differentiates us from our competitors. Our doors opened from November 2006 and we have been operating since.


  1. February 2007 – January 2008 – ICS Legal’s office was established in Grove Road E2, London.
  2. February 2008 – November 2008 – ICS Legal moved to a Serviced Business Centre at Oxford Circus W1, London.
  3. November 2008 – March 2011 – Our office was running, developing at Great Eastern Street, EC2A. It was there we moved from being Level 1 Advisors to Level 3 OISC.
  4. April 2011 – We moved to Canada Water SE16, London and are here till date.
  5. (2013 – 2014 – Provided a UK Immigration Advisory booth for graduates at the National Graduate Fair. This was partnered with large multi-national organizations as well as the country’s most notable Universities.)

Over the years we have sought to incorporate the turbulent immigration rules with the extensive experience we have built to provide you with the right guidance. Our UK Immigration services have spanned across every continent around the world. With the continued development of services to cater for you, we believe you’ve made the right choice by using us.

Our Ethos

We are here to ensure correct UK Immigration advice is provided to our clients. Our professional services range from the simple General Visitor Visa to Working Visas as well as covering Complex Cases. We deal with British Nationality and European Law. Our meticulous and easy to understand the method of work helps us and our clients to benefit from the services we provide. Our reputation and past success is key to our potential clients such as yourself. However, we do not use past success or cases as a way to sell our service, as we believe all situations are different, hence cases are dealt with individuality.

We operate on a clear open policy cutting out jargon wherever possible, and always endeavor to keep you up to date by talking you through the processes, so there are no hidden surprises. Trust is one of the most important aspects of our organization as we acknowledge that we will be dealing with delicate and confidential information of our clients, this is backed up by our registration with The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who is the UK’s independent authority set up to promote access to official information and to protect personal information (Data Protection Act 1998).

We comprehend that having valid leave in the UK is critical to remain in the United Kingdom. Therefore we appreciate that no mistakes can be made. Our systems, people and procedures ensure we do not let you down, this is why we are regulated by the OISC (It is a criminal offense if someone provides Immigration advice without being regulated by the OISC).

We are also a proud member of Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). JCWI is an independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy.

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